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Existing Members – Renew

If you wish to renew your membership of the Society, fill in the Membership Renewal form which is accessible at the end of this section.

Important information for this years payment as follows:

Dear Member,

We would like to change our Membership from a Financial year to a Calendar year. This will give us flexibility in the timing of our major Annual Exhibition.

Therefore we are asking for a fee of $112.50 in July this year for Exhibiting Membership ( $75 + $37.50 to bring us up to January 2021).

Social Membership will be $52.50 ( $35 + $17.50 to bring us up to January 2021).

THIS IS A ONE OFF PAYMENT and therefore you will not need to pay more until January 2021, when the standard fee of $75 ( Exhibiting Membership) and $35 ( Social Membership) will resume.

This will entitle Exhibiting Members to exhibit in our 9 x 5 shows, the Mosman Art Gallery Exhibition in 2019 and one other major exhibition in 2020.


 Membership Renewal Fees – This is a One Off Membership Renewal Fee that takes you to 2021.
Exhibiting $112.50
Social $52.50


To renew your membership use either:
1. Manual Membership Renewal or
2. Online Membership Renewal below.


1. Manual Membership Renewal – download form

Download the form above, print it, complete required details and follow instructions on the form for payment and sending the form to the treasurer. 


2. Online Membership Renewal

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