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New Members – Apply


If you wish to become a member of the Society, fill in the Application for Membership form which is accessible at the end of this section. There are two general categories of membership, Exhibiting, for those who wish to submit their work to our Exhibitions, and Social for those who wish to attend Demonstrations and Social Functions but not exhibit. There is a special membership category of Life Member for those who have given outstanding service to the Society.

The Annual Subscription for Membership of the Society covers the period from January – December, the full calendar year. Towards the end of the Membership year, a renewal form will be sent to all members by either email or ordinary mail for those who do not have an email facility. Note that Exhibiting Members are not required to pay exhibition submission fees.

 Categories of membership  Subscription 
Exhibiting $75.00
Social $35.00


To apply for membership use either:
1. Manual Application for Membership or
2. Online Application for Membership below.


1. Manual Application for Membership – download form

Download the form above, print it, complete required details and follow instructions for payment and sending the form to the treasurer.

2. Online Application for Membership

Proceed to Payment