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Magee, Richard


Richard Magee

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I live and paint in Collaroy on Sydney’s Northern beaches.  My work is all abstract but it is always based on aspects of nature with which I am very familiar and which are important to me.  I relate to the formation and history that is implied or displayed in nature.  My paintings are frequently based on rock fragments or rock formations.  Hence many of my works have a close affiliation to the area around Collaroy, although I also take ideas from places I have visited elsewhere inAustraliaand overseas.  I aim to make my painting capture my feelings about each subject that I use as the starting point for my work, and normally I will produce a series of paintings from each individual subject.  However I do not attempt to make my paintings at all representational (although they may be interpreted so sometime).

I have studied under a number of professional artists including Lucy Culliton, Charles Cooper, Marisa Purcell,StevenHarvey, Craig Waddell and Rachel Carroll.  I have also undertaken a number of workshops and courses at theNationalArtSchoolinSydney.

I have participated in two group exhibitions: FOUR NOW in 2007 atChinaHeightsgallery in Surry Hills, and SEVEN in 2008 atMary Placegallery in Paddington, and I will be participating in ArtZpace 2012 in Avalon in January 2012.