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Brooks, Elise



Elise Brooks


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Oil – Still Life –Landscapes- Portraits

Specializing in Expressionist Animal Portraits

Elise Brooks can’t remember a time when drawing and painting weren’t central to her world.

After a lengthy professional career as a Fashion Designer/Hairdresser and mum, she finally found time to fully realize her passion for painting with Robbie Hodge at her art studio in Mosman. Elise’s studio built at treetop level overlooking the rainforest above Clifton Gardensis in itself an inspirational environment in which to paint.

As a longstanding Taronga Park Zoo Friend, Elise’s ambition was to indulge her passion for animals by creating animal portraits enhanced through their soul and expression. What draws Elise to all her animal subjects is an inexplicable, often spontaneous emotional connection, and this shines through in her paintings.

This emotional connection with the animal world turned out to be one of the most significant steps in her development as a realist portrait artist. It has greatly impacted the ways she views the human and animal form and renders it on the canvas. Elise focuses on facial expressions that are truly the epicenter from which the rest of each portrait evolves. Her developing artistry earned an invitation to join the Mosman Art Society and the opportunity to further develop her natural talents with like-minded people, and to display at invited exhibitions.

From an Artistic development perspective, Elise finds inspiration in the works of Sargent Whistler, and Rembrandt – largely on their focus on the subject rather than the surroundings, admiring the great attention to the bone structure and tones of variation.

Also loving the landscape and architecture of  Northern Italy,  Elise now returns every September to tutor under a master near the medieval village of Force in the wild mountainous area of Le Marche. She also visits and paints in Tuscany, CinqueTerre, and Florence and participating in a variety of painting workshops.

Every painting has a story and a feeling all its own; one only has to stop for a moment to truly appreciate the beauty found in nature and in the human form, with the ongoing challenge being to transpose that image onto canvas.