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1. Members' Gallery

2. How to exhibit in gallery

All members are invited to be listed in the Members’ Gallery

Art Society members are invited to submit up to 10 images of their work, a short resume and contact details to webmaster by email The preferred format for digital images is 72dpi jpeg and not exceeding 200 kb in file size. The system can handle images up to 1000 pixels x 800 pixels in size. People who cannot get digital images can post photographs of their artworks to webmaster for scanning and processing. The resume text (max 950 words) and contact details should either be included in body of the email or attached as a Word document.  Include your contact details if seeking sales and / or commissions.

Guidelines for Emailing Images to the Webmaster

These Guidelines are for people who are not conversant with downloading photos from their digital camera to their computer and/or uncertain as how to email them.

For Apple Computers:

  1. To download photos from your digital camera to your computer, first connect the camera to the computer with a USB cable. It inserts into the side of a MacBook or iMac desktop computer.
  2. Turn the camera on and switch the camera to playback mode. The camera screen will then give options for connecting. Choose PC mode.
  3. With some cameras iPhoto will automatically open. If it does not, double click on the camera icon in the dock at the side or bottom of your screen and iPhoto will open.
  4. At the bottom right of the iPhoto screen click on the word Import. A window may appear asking what you would like to do with duplicate images. Usually choose Don’t import duplicates. The computer downloads the photos and stores them in groups (Events), usually according to the date they were taken.
  5. If the photos of your works are together on the iPhoto screen you can now choose which images you wish to email. Single click on the first photo you wish to send. A yellow border will appear around the image. To choose a second image, depress the Command key while you click on the next photo. It is best not to choose more than 5 photos per email. If you are asked about image size choose Large from the options. If a photo is highlighted i.e., has a yellow border then on moving the curser across the image a small ‘i’ (information) appears. Clicking on the ‘i’ displays information at the bottom of the column to the left of the window which includes the pixel density eg., 430×560, and the file size eg., 35 kb
  6. With the chosen images on the screen now bordered in yellow, click on the word Email at the bottom right of the screen. After a few seconds a new Mail window will open with your photos attached. Fill in the email address that you want to send the images to and click Send.
  7. You will next be asked “Do you want to keep the photos on the camera’ or erase. Respond.
  8. Go to File in the top left of the screen and choose Eject. It is then safe to switch off and disconnect the camera.
  9. To send a biography, prepare it in MS Word or Pages and Save to the Desktop. Open a new email and click the Attachment icon in the upper left (paper clip). A new window will open on the left hand column; click on the word Desktop. Scroll down the right window until you see your biography document. Double click on it and it will be attached to the email. Fill in the email address and click Send.

For PC Users:

  1. Connect your camera to the computer with a USB cable.
  2. Turn on your camera and switch the camera to playback mode. At this stage some computers automatically open a  program that came with the camera and give you an option to copy the photos to a certain Folder on your computer. You can accept this option and copy the photos to this folder. Take note of the location of this folder. Alternatively, do the following:
  3. Open Windows Explorer, click on My Computer, find and click on the Camera name (or Drive referring to the camera).
  4. Choose the photos you want and Copy or Move them to a folder you select (or create new one) on the computer’s C drive.
  5. Open Windows Outlook or Windows Outlook express, open New email and Attach photos you want to send to the Webmaster from the folder (see items 2 or 4 above).

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