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Sieder Alejandra


Phone: +61 0424 835 635



2014 – current   Bachelor of Psychology, International University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain

2016                  Art Therapy Course, Drawing, Painting and Self-Exploration, Udemy, Sydney

1998                 Art Therapy Course, Within the Current of the Human Gestalt Psychology,

ArsMandala, Caracas, Venezuela

1992 – 1994      Color and Light with Josue Arocha, Caracas, Venezuela

1991 – 1995      Diploma of Graphic Design at Hans Neumann Design Institute, Caracas, Venezuela

1991 – 1995      Mixed media and Technique with Josu Calvo, Caracas, Venezuela

1991 – 1995      Drawing with Marcela Navea, Caracas, Venezuela

1991 – 1995      Photography with Ricardo Ferreira, Caracas, Venezuela



2017    Tell me I am still here, Gaffa Gallery, Sydney, Australia

2017    Parallax, Art Fair, London, UK

2014    Peace in Silence, Artista Gallery, Oslo, Norway

2010    Words, Lindvedske Gallery, Arendal, Norway

2009    Be a woman, Hove Galleri, Arendal, Norway

2008    Resurrection, Lindvedske Gallery, Arendal, Norway

2008    Opening, Kulturfabrikken, Arendal, Norway

2004    Internal Spring, Espacio Artepolis, Madrid, Spain

2004    Soul Vibration 2, Exquisitio Gallery, Madrid, Spain

2003    Soul Vibration, Mambo Gallery, Madrid, Spain



2017    Summer Small Art, Royal Opera Arcade Gallery, ROA, London, UK

2017    Artist of Mosman 2088, Mosman Art Gallery, Sydney, Australia

2016    What a Home Means to You, Warringah Creative Space, Sydney, Australia

1995    Portraits 3, Expographic 95, Caracas, Venezuela

1994    Faces and Feelings, Institute of Design Hans Neumann, Caracas, Venezuela

1994    Portraits 2, Expographic 94, Caracas, Venezuela

1993    Death Nature, Institute of Design Hans Neumann, Caracas, Venezuela

1993    Portraits, Expographic 93, Caracas, Venezuela


2017   “Mujer, tú me inspiras!” (Woman, you inspire me!) T.V. SBS Spanish Interview, Australia.

2017   “Art as a healing mechanism”, radio interview. SBS Spanish, Australia.

2004   TV and radio interview, Telemadrid, Amalgama Space. Latinamerican Artist, Madrid, Spain



2018   Shaping thoughts into physical manifestations, Contemporary Art Awards, Finalist, Brisbane Australia

2017   Melting Snow, Contemporary Art Awards, Finalist. Sydney Australia

2016   Thirty by Thirty, Finalist. Colour Trap Gallery, Sydney

1996   Latin-American Indigenous Faces, Ministry of the Environment, Third prize. Caracas, Venezuela







Bushwick South Art Residency, Sydney, Australia



2011 – 2012  Mandala Art Therapy, Instructor, Bjørnsletta, Arendal, Norway

2001 – 2003  Mandala Art Therapy, Instructor, ArsMandala, Caracas, Venezuela



Private collection, The Rocks, NSW, Australia.

Private collection, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Painting Commission, “Mujer, tú me inspiras!” (Woman, you inspire me!) T.V. SBS Spanish, Australia.

Private collection, Tazmania, New Zeland.

Private collection, London, UK.

LAB Spa, Neutral Bay, NSW, Australia.

Painting Commission, “Mujer, tú me inspiras!” (Woman, you inspire me!) T.V. SBS Spanish, Australia.

Private collection, Mosman, NSW, Australia.

Private collection, Dee Why, NSW, Australia.

Private collection, Freshwater, NSW, Australia.

Private collection, Arendal, Norway.

Private collection, Oslo, Norway.

Private collection, Stavanger, Norway.

Private collection, Miami, USA.

Private collection, Madrid, Spain.

Private collection, Arendal, Norway.

Private collector, Caracas, Venezuela.

Public collection, El Refugio de Cristal, Madrid, Spain.

Commissioned work, Rialto Theater, Madrid, Spain.



Alejandra is a Venezuelan-Spanish contemporary painter, who has been developing her artist’s skills since she was 15 years old. She studied Graphic Design and Art and she graduated with class honors from the Miguel Neumann Design Institute in Venezuela. She has participated in several solo and group exhibitions in Spain, Norway, Venezuela, England and Australia.


Alejandra is more than a talented artist. She is well known for her ability to magically combine different art styles and media into works of fine art of exquisite beauty. All her artwork is an exploration of consciousness and mental processes. Each work demonstrates a different operation of the mind.

Alejandra’s work stands out due to three essential features: Color, Spirituality and Symbolism. All of them created with the purpose to invite the spectator to recognize themselves in the images and be open to the possibility of moving beyond resisting discomfort to a place of surrender.


Alejandra is currently residing in Sydney. After one year since she arrived from Norway with her family, she was selected as a finalist in the Contemporary Art Prize 2017. She was also selected to exhibit her work at the collective exhibition Artists of Mosman 2088 at the Mosman Art Gallery this year.

Her work is in private collections in Spain, Venezuela, Argentina, Norway, Australia, U.S.A. and England.