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Christmas, Rosemary

Rosemary Christmas

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Artist in ink, brush ,watercolour, oil painting, mixed media, print and hand cast paper art .  Art experience with Julian Ashton ‘s Art School, National Art School and Willoughby Workshop.

1995 AustralianChinese Painting ssociation Brush Painting and Calligraphy to date

1996 Mosman Art Society to date,

2003 Warringah Printmakers Studio to date

2004 Primrose Paper Arts Studio to date


I have had a rich journey exploring creative art. Many painting trips to the outback of Australia  from the1990s have been inspiring. and the dramatic colours and patterns  led to many works and exhibitions in watercolour and mixed media.

I like the aboriginal concepts that humans are one with the land. And that we are made of the same “stuff” as stardust. That we are one with the world around us  has long been a conviction in many cultures and religions.Spiritually the oneness of body  mind and spirit is acknowledged  by medical science. The Chaos Theory now explores and verifies the global extent of this interaction and oneness scientifically. So humans have the great responsibility and privilege of sharing life on our planet knowing that we are interdependent with plants, animals and the elements My art work integrates and explores such sensibilities.

I like chinese art for the use of space and gestural line as well as other art using ancient symbols and the relationships they create  thus exploring the spiritual through a wholistic integration of eastern forms and western sensibility

Print making and paper making have extended my work together with elements of sculpture and bookmaking.. I particularly enjoy  the different processes and the variety of outcomes.   Fibres made into paper, combined with other elements, have a textural  presence and ambience I find rewarding in itself.  Images  can be taken further in the imagination, to be given new meaning or perceived in a new way by the combination of textures, colours and mood, an ongoing discovery…

Looking  at the world and life with an artists eye is enriching and rewarding.


1992 Blackheath Art Society

2003 Balmoral Artists Colony Exhibition Mosman

2003 Ewart Gallery Willoughy Workshop Members Exhibitions

1996 Mosman Art Society Exhibitions annually to 2011

2004 Warringah Print Studio Exhibitions annually to 2011

2004 Primrose Park  Exhibitions annually  to 2011

2006“Art Connections”with Aboriginal Women’s Group, Warringah Printmakers

2008 “Explorations ‘ Kerrie Lowe Gallery

2011 “Seed “ Botanical Gardens


2003 to date  Mosman Art Gallery  annual “2088 Artists of Mosman” Exhibitions to 2011

2005 Warringah Art Prize

2006 North Sydney Art Prize

2006 Norhbridge Art Prize

2005 Palm to Paper Exhibition.  Royal Botanic Gardens.

2007 “Dyeing to Make Paper” Primrose Park

2007” Explorations”  hm Gallery.


Chinese Austtralia Council Grant Cultural Exchange

2004.Warringah Printmakers“Enchanting Impressions” at Guangdong Province China.

2006“Through Australian Eyes” at  Guangzhou

2005 Guangzhou Art Show

2007 Spike Island Printmakers Bristol Exchange “Inside the Square”

Mosman Art Gallery exhibition Curated by Pamela Bell

“Chinese Whispers” 2006 Work now held in Mosman Art Gallery Collection.