Bongarzoni, Pam

Pam Bongarzoni

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Pam Bongarzoni has been involved in creative pursuits for most of her life to such an extent that it has been virtually impossible to separate work  from art.  One simply enhanced the other in her roles as advertising copywriter, art buyer, creative director, and restorer of threatened Heritage houses.  For many years she was a passionate primitive weaver producing large scale, highly innovative hangings without a loom and using materials from nature as fibre and supports.  The notion of being able to produce such work without any creative boundaries  encouraged Pam to widen her vision and her work progressed to combining woven  and sculptural forms  with moulded and painted forms, and then works on paper, canvas or whatever came to hand  enhanced with paint.  In current works these  stages of development are reflected in her passion for texture, innovative collaging materials, free structures and exploitation of forms inherent in nature.

During her career Pam studied with many teachers but the most influential by far was Ruth Faerber who as critic and mentor set exacting standards.  Under her tutelage Pam was “honed” as an artist  and developed an understanding of the essential elements for analytical appraisal of her own work.  Consequently although a painting may appear simple and effortless it is more likely to be the product of a trial and error struggle over a lengthy period of time

Painting for Pam is a highly personal process, an imperative to release creative images and  energy.  As she paints without reference to subject matter each work is an expression of her inner world transferred into a tangible form which you are invited to share.  Pam describes her work as a journey, a passage between the conscious and unconscious.  It is often with a sense of surprise and wonder that she herself discovers the images that have materialised in the work.  This is then followed by a painstaking refining process until the painting “rings true”

Pam has participated in countless group and selective exhibitions over the years and is currently  an active member of the Mosman , Manly and North Shore Art Societies.  Her current work follows four distinct paths…..


Collaged structures using handmade paper and fabricated pieces to create a free form which reads as a painting. These fragments appear to be pieces of the natural world and confuse the viewer as to what is real and what has been made by the artist.  Each component piece is a small work of art within itself and provides an endless opportunity for exploration and discovery.


These paintings invite you to travel into and experience the artist’s inner world of landscapes past.  Pam describes these as echoes from places she has seen and stored in her memory as not just visual images but the sensory and intellectual understanding of place.


By collaging  canvas, hessian, rope and other fibrous materials onto a board or canvas Pam creates  vivid landscapes which are threadbare, torn, fractured …the Australian landscape in peril.  These invite the viewer to travel within this painted world and share her deep concern for environmental protection.


Here Pam explores her fascination with Semiotic theory  (which examines the recognition of symbols by humans to make sense of their world ) . The biomorphic forms in these works are irregular, organic, shapes which entice the viewer into interpreting body language  to form notions of mood, gender, activity.  Good mood paintings designed to unconsciously involve one at a symbolic level.

Pam Bongarzoni

9 Russell Street

Clontarf NSW 2093